"e n d l e s s n e s s"

A postdramatic adventure


"Heavy Boots of the Bluebirds"

The mysterious world of dreams in the physical and personal sense.


"Clap! And everybody took off"

A performance about the joy of play
No matter your mood you can take a flight, all you need are friends who will support and accompany you on your journey.



A story about a bird, who wanted to become a person.
A tale about wanting to be someone you're not.


"Army? Army!"

A story about the military - An annoying duty or a place for putting yourself to the test? 8-11 months of lonelyness or friends for life? 8-11 months of powerless anger or power training for the body and mind?

Have you ever thought about what its really for?


"After all these years..."

The story of a tree.

And the people around it.

The world we all live in.



A physical theatre performance

FREEDOM – movement, game, reflection, dance, existence, us. 

Our search for FREEDOM.


"Exploring the world"

The story about taking a journey, fears, hesitations and reaching the destination.

The play is redolent with the salty air of a Baltic seashore – the scent of home – and the ever-present fishing nets and ropes so familiar in our lives.


"The world is real, but real is pretend"

Festival „Tuulelapsed“ 2015 laureate.

Duet prizes: Joosep ja Pia, Heleriin ja Ott

Idea: narrating the story of people and the goodness of the world and where it all can be
found by four well-known fairy tales.

Poems by Hando Runnel

Artistic director: Külli Täht