"Exploring the world"

Story about taking a journey, fears, hesitations and reaching the destination.

The play is redolent with the salty air of a Baltic seashore – the scent of home – and the ever-present fishing nets and ropes so familiar in our lives. 

While we love our homes, we still think about leaving and exploring beyond the borders of our country. 

We share the adventure and curiosity in our souls, along with the suspicion, fear, and hesitation that hold us back. 

In the end, there is always the hope that the journey will be worth it and that we will grow.

The play is based on the text of an Estonian writer Jaan Kross.

Ja kõik asuvad teele

sest kõik peavad asuma teele /.../

/.../ning avastavad uue maailma


Mõni kõikide

vähesed paljude

igaüks iseenese jaoks

Sest igaüks peab avastama oma maailma.

(Jaan Kross)

Artistic director: Külli Täht

Idea and dramaturgy: Jan Teevet