"Into the fog"

A dream-like story, not only about the endless fog, night, birds-animals ja the moon, but also about ourselves, our wishes, dreams and fears.

A story about, how we are strong, when we are together.

At night, in the fog, which is filled with fear and hopelessness as well as faith and hope, little pink flamingos meet large and initially evil crocodiles. Since the fear of the new and unknown is great, they are mean. The adventures put the birds and animals to the test, but at the end of the night they all realise, that it doesn't matter if you're big or small, we all need somebody beside us. Finally morning comes, just like it always does after a long night.
Was it real or just a dream, the shadows of the night are mysterious in this endless fog.

Together are adventuring:

2.-3. class  Simone Kasepõld, Roosi Mugu, Agneta Tolušaite, Gabriele Siimann, Annabel Kadak, Emilia Tsalauzov, Mette Marii Estorn, Karl Hugo Priilaht, Robin Enno Rand

5.-9. class   Eliise Lill, Kadi-Leen Rõigas, Georg Abner, Eva-Riin Järve, Maria-Eliise Muinaste, Aasa Ruukel, Liisa Veski, Emma Lotta Lõhmus, Kätriin Siling, Emili Tšetšin, Marta Maria Koks, Katta-Triin Koost, Merily Andrea Roomet, Triin Abreldaal, Sofia Adelle Abner, Jens Briedis, Ott Orub, Elisabeth Valt

Artistic director – Külli Täht